For Dazzling Garden Color

It is difficult to envision any home garden or other landscape planting that couldn’t include flowering annuals to good advantage. The wealth of kinds available today allows you to choose varieties for every taste and situation. It, btw, is well known for every flower and gifts shop in Austin, TX. In addition, most are easily grown and provide continuous color over a long season.

Annuals can truly contribute to a better environment through beautification-both urban and rural.

What makes up this large group of colorful ornamentals we call “annuals”? It’s a diverse collection of plants used for garden effect in a single season. Have a look at the variate of Scotland Flowers. Some are true annuals-plants that complete their life cycles in a few months. A few are first-year blooming biennials. Many others are frost-tender perennials; these would survive indefinitely in milder climates, but are killed by freezing temperatures in colder areas.

The versatility of flowering annuals is noteworthy. Not only do annuals provide a vast array of colors, but also many flower forms, plant heights, growth habits, and foliage textures. Moreover, nearly all provide garden color from spring or early summer until late fall. And they are as much at home in formal groupings as in informal settings, as effective in mass plantings as in small intimate beds.

Annuals are ideal in beds and borders, for neat edgings, interplanted with biennials and perennials, or set among newly-planted shrubs. Try them also in window boxes, outdoor planters, patio tubs, and hanging baskets. Others are good for fast-growing screens or temporary hedges. Some are satisfactory as winter house plants, too.

New varieties are continually being developed by plant breeders around the world. Their diligence brings improved types: new colors, better plant forms, earlier and fuller flowering, enhanced disease resistance, and sometimes even wholly unique types. Best Instagram Flower Hashtags at

Selecting the varieties to grow from among the hundreds on the market is partly a matter of personal preference. You would, of course, pick ones that are attractive to you and which fit your needs. But it is also wise to choose those that have proven dependable in your area in previous years.

Catalog descriptions are helpful, but you should rely more on the advice of your greenhouse or garden center manager. Local gardening experts can be consulted. And in larger cities, call your park district for the location of beds planted with annuals. Find out what has done well for your neighbors, or in plantings around public buildings, industrial installations, shopping centers and similar landscaped areas in your locality.

Some State experiment stations and other organizations publish annual lists of currently recommended varieties. Plan to visit any trialing plots in your area; these are usually maintained by seed companies, experiment stations, or botanic gardens.

It is wise to depend on newer improved varieties of annuals, even though they may be a bit more expensive. Some of our best annuals are F, hybrid seed strains. Professional plant breeders produce F, hybrid seed by crossing two different true-breeding parental lines, combining some of the best characteristics of each. This is an expensive and delicate operation, usually done by hand.

Hybrids continue to increase in importance, giving us many of our finest varieties-notably in ageratums, geraniums, marigolds, pansies, petunias, snapdragons, sultanas, wax begonias, and zinnias. They can be counted on for vigor and uniformity of color, size, and growth habit. And F, hybrids nearly always outclass standard inbred varieties in the abundance of blooms produced.

Among the best of the new offerings each year are the “All-America Selections.” These award-winning varieties have demonstrated superior performance in unbiased trialing tests conducted in widely separated parts of both the United States and Canada.

Good gardening practices improve your chances of success, and help you reap the rewards and satisfactions of beautifying the environment-at least your little corner of the world-with flowering annuals. the same regarding National Flowers as well.