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October 23 , 2012 In: Flowers

Shrub Roses – Smarty

The encounter with the shrub rose Smarty occurred in the Cotswolds in England. I was with the rose lovers from the Carolinas to see how the English grow their roses. We were on our way in our minibus to one of the many spectacular public gardens. Along the way, in a tiny village there it […]

September 5 , 2012 In: Flowers

Rose Lore and Legend

– Egyptians shipped rose bushes, housed in earthenware pots, out of the port of Alexandria and to all parts of the ancient world. To Rome it was a six-day trip by boat. – The Romans desired blooms even in the winter, so they devised a “forcing house or glass house which was kept heated. How […]

July 26 , 2012 In: Flowers

Hybrid Tea Roses – Artistry

If you are looking for a really good, beautiful, new rose for your garden, let me recommend to you Artistry. This 1997 All-America Rose Selection, introduced by Jackson & Perkins, is the best of any of the new introductions lately in my garden. Let me tell you what I have learned about this great rose:

July 18 , 2012 In: Flowers

Cassandra Orchid

The first commonly available multiflora hybrids were usually smaller versions of the standards: especially small pinks, small candystripes and small whites. After a time, we began to see small whites with red lips, small French spots and even the odd small “novelty” (usually yellow). The quality was reasonable at first and has improved to the […]

September 25 , 2010 In: Flowers

Paifang’s Auckland Orchid

Significant hybrid of Phal. Liu Tuen-Shen, Phal. Paifang’s Auckland (x Phal. Paifang’s Queen) has been used extensively in breeding in Taiwan and has produced many outstanding hybrids. We expect that the story of Phal. Paifang’s Auckland may ultimately be similar to the story of an actor that toils for years in obscurity and then becomes […]