If you are looking for a really good, beautiful, new rose for your garden, let me recommend to you Artistry. This 1997 All-America Rose Selection, introduced by Jackson & Perkins, is the best of any of the new introductions lately in my garden. Let me tell you what I have learned about this great rose:

• It has a beautiful color (held side by side with Tropicana, it is the same color and substance, maybe a little larger bloom), and the color holds until the petals drop.

• It is a wonderfully healthy, well-formed, vigorous bush, resistant to disease.

• Perhaps best of all to me is that it stays in bloom all of the time. I felt that this rose gave me more blooms than any of the others in my garden, since it was almost never without blooms.

• You can stick a cutting into the ground and it will root. I usually have very little luck in rooting roses, but just to experiment, I stuck down three cuttings this past fall in the rose garden, and they all look as if they have rooted!

• Artistry may not win a queen for you, but you will win ribbons and best of all, you will always have roses in your garden. I was really surprised at its outstanding production, which made me more aware of some of my other varieties that produce every five weeks only. After all, who wants to spray and fertilize plants and get mostly foliage?

This all-round, good rose really rates high with me, higher than the 7.9 it received in the RIR in the American Rose. If you don’t already have Artistry, try it. I believe you will like it as much as I do.