Some cool Orchids images:

Pink Orchid
Image by Eustaquio Santimano
Jurong Bird Park, Singapore

The site area was about 1100 square meters. The entrance to Jurong Birdpark is at the north-east corner near the junction of Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim and Jurong Hill road. This site falls in the South East Asian Zone. Hence Singapore and its national flower were used to represent this zone. This project was named “Orchid Arches” because the conceptual design was inspired by the shape of the orchid and Singapore’s national flower Venda Miss Joaqium. The forms of the five different arches were inspired from the edge of the orchid’s petal and orchid’s sepal. The Orchid Arches were proposed to connect the main entrance and the main foyer of the park to promote a sense of a continuing welcome for the visitors. There were red, pink, yellow, orange and white/blue orchid collections foreach respective arch. More than 30 species and a total of 1000 orchids and epiphytes were showcased in the arches.…

Cornflower Knapweed National Flower Germany

Orchid- Orchidee
Image by Maggi_94
This orchid me happy at the moment with a rich bloom

Diese Orchidee erfreut mich zur Zeit mit reicher Blütepracht

Orchids Taiwan

Orchids in Hong Kong
Image by Michael McDonough
Trying to find out what kind of orchids these are; anyone know? For the time being I want to call it the ‘flying-nun orchid" Thank you gutsandgrace, they are paphiopedilums!