Significant hybrid of Phal. Liu Tuen-Shen, Phal. Paifang’s Auckland (x Phal. Paifang’s Queen) has been used extensively in breeding in Taiwan and has produced many outstanding hybrids. We expect that the story of Phal. Paifang’s Auckland may ultimately be similar to the story of an actor that toils for years in obscurity and then becomes an “overnight” star.

The first Phal. Paifang’s Auckland hybrid to receive an AOS award was Phal. Golden Beauty (x Phal. amboinensis) which received one HCC, one AM and an AQ in 1995. The originator is unknown but this is most assuredly a hybrid that originated in Taiwan. More recently, the ‘Minho’ clone received an HCC in Texas.

Although few hybrids of Phal. Paifang’s Auckland have received AOS awards, those that have give us the idea that the range of possibilities are endless. Dtps. Ho’s Happy Auckland (x Dtps. Happy Valentine) initially received an HCC and, more recently, an AM. It is a very large white flower, heavily overlaid with red centrally. Phal. Minho Queen (x Phal. Ambonosa) ‘Hsing Yah’ was awarded an AM at the South Taiwan Show in 1996: a beautiful canary yellow, heavily overlaid with brownish-red marking. Last, and possibly the most exciting, Phal. Sogo Red Bird (x Phal. Princess Kaiulani) ‘Feng Fong’ also received an AM at the same South Taiwan Show. It had three striking 6.2 cm. maroon-red flowers and one bud when awarded. The following year, the author saw it in Taiwan with a multi-branching inflorescence and about fifteen flowers.

Among its first-generation progeny, Phal. Paifang’s Auckland has several that are worth noting. They are still “toiling behind the scenes” but they are worth noting now because we will definitely be seeing them or their progeny soon. Phal. Auckland Buddha (x Phal. Fortune Buddha), another linebred hybrid, has been used on several occasions and is waiting to be discovered. At least two of its offspring, both beautiful solid reds with a yellow picotee, have been meristemmed in Taiwan: Phal. (Auckland Buddha x Sentra) ‘Ching Her’ and Phal. Chingruey’s Blackpearl (Chiayi Red Queen x Auckland Buddha) ‘Ching Ruey’, the latter receiving an AM in March 1998. Phal. Ho’s Vivid Freckles ‘Song` (x Phal. Frisson), a beautiful spotted white flower with heavy substance, has been widely released and will be seen at shows in the future. This cultivar has been used in hybridizing and has produced beautiful offspring. An unregistered hybrid of Phal. Paifang’s Auckland (x Phal. Carmela’s Spots) has produced many beautiful eye-catching progeny, spotted to the point that it is hard to distinguish the petals from the sepals.

Although a wonderful parent in its own right, Phal. Paifang’s Auckland is proving to be outstanding in second-generation breeding. As seen in the lthe first article, Phal. Salu Spot (x Phal. Golden Amboin) is the parent of the handsome hybrid Phal. Golden Sun. Ching Her nurseries has made many sibling and linebred crosses of Phal. Golden Sun, resulting in some solid reds as well as very large deep yellow flowers with red markings.

When Phal. Salu Spot was bred back to its grandparent, Phal. Paifang’s Queen, the resulting hybrid, Phal. Queen Spot was produced. The flowers are generally heavily spotted red over yellow, often giving the appearance of solid red flowers. Phal. Queen Spot has produced one AM winner to date: Phal. Sogo Beer (x Phal. Ta Lin Kaiulani) ‘Sha Yien’, AM/AOS. When awarded, this cultivar produced nine deep magenta flowers and 2 buds on a branched inflorescence. At the time of writing, another Phal. Queen Spot hybrid (x Phal. Brother Purple) Golden Peoker had just begun blooming, generally producing solid red flowers.