We are going to discuss three flower types: bulbs, annuals, and perennials. Depending on your budget and time limitations you may choose to plant just one or a combination. However, if you plant all three you will have a garden filled with colour from early Spring until the first frost.

Spring Blooming Bulbs are usually planted in the Fall and will bloom from early to late Spring. Once planted you can either leave them in the ground year after year, or dig them up after the flower and greenery has died off, then replant them in the Fall. Either way you can look forward to a colourful greeting to Spring each year.

Annuals are planted usually around the 24th of May and will bloom all Summer long right up to the first frost. However, they only have a one season lifespan after which you have to dig them out in preparation for new plants the following Spring.

Perennials bloom year after year and don’t require the time and expense of yearly replanting. They do however, have a blooming period (example May to June), so when planning your garden it is advisable to choose plants that have different blooming times, so that there is always colour in your garden.

Basic Planting Techniques

If planting in flower boxes, use a good planter box soil.
If planting in the ground add 3-4 inches of an organic manure and lightly dig into the ground.
To your planter box soil or garden soil add a handful each of bone meal and a general purpose
fertilizer (6-7-6).
Plant your flowers and water in well.